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Welcome to Van Education Center in Nebraska

Van Education Center's mission is to deliver quality online Nebraska real estate training courses that meet the needs of students and the requirements of the real estate industry. Whether you are entering the industry and need an initial license, or must satisfy the requirements of an existing license through continuing education, VanEd can help.

Nationwide, we have served over 3,500 licensing students and 28,000 continuing education students since 1997, Vaned is one of the largest and most trusted online real estate schools.

Unlike in most online courses, you are not alone. Our staff of Nebraska instructors are available to answer questions by phone or email at any time. We are here to help you!

VanEd Course Programs

VanEd offers online courses for Nebraska Real Estate Licensing, Continuing Education and GRI.
  • NE Real Estate Licensing: Through our partnership with the Nebraska Association of REALTORS®, VanEd offers the most comprehensive, efficient and successful path to passing your Nebraska Real Estate License exam!

  • NE Real Estate CE: Serve your clients and customers to the best of your ability, stay current on news and industry trends, and create an path to a successful career in Nebraska real estate.

  • NE Real Estate GRI: Promote your dedication to your clients and the industry with a Nebraska GRI designation.

Education Philosophy

Students should have control over the education process.

There are many options for presenting an online course. At VanEd, we believe that courses should be organized & presented so that students can control the pace and sequence of the course to best suit their learning style and existing knowledge.

You will never find a VanEd course that looks like a powerpoint presentation. Our courses are organized around a detailed outline, allowing you to move around the course in a sequence that works best for you, at your own speed. You can easily return to sections of the course for additional review, or skip ahead past topics that you have already mastered.

Online education should be supported by real people.

VanEd has a staff of instructors available to answer questions by phone or email. All our instructors are practicing professionals and experts in their fields. We are here to help!

We believe in assesing your knowledge.

VanEd courses contain a range of online interactive quizzes, exams and exercises to reinforce and validate your learning.

Our combination of flexible presentation, live support, and rigorous assessment & review maximizes your learning efficiency and sets us apart from the competition.

Online Nebraska Delivery

All VanEd courses are 100% online, and can be completed from the comfort of your home or office. Our online systems are efficient and reliable, and will never 'get in the way' of your learning experience.

We strive to provide interactivity in every course in form of quizzes, exams, and exercises. These activities reinforce your knowledge, let you practice specific skills, and help to make the courses more enjoyable.

Instructors are always available. Call or email an instructor, or use our online Q&A forum to browse through questions and answers from other students.

Textbooks still have there place: most of our online licensing courses are supplemented with high quality textbooks, which serve as an additional reference source throughout your career.

For many courses, our entire online delivery is certified by The International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC). IDECC certification ensures that our course delivery, testing and student feedback systems provide an outstanding education environment.

VanEd Instructors

VanEd is lucky to have one of the most knowledgable instructors in Nebraska real estate education, a practicing professional with many years of experience.

Our instructors are available during the work week by phone or email.

Our online Q&A system lets you contact instructors by email, and browse through a well organized collection of student questions and instructor answers.

The ability to talk directly with a knowledgable instructor will dramatically increase the efficiency of your learning.

Successful real estate professionals use VanEd.

From initial licensing education and continuing education throughout your career, VanEd is here to help.

Our students value the education that they receive from VanEd, consistently returning to stay further their education and their careers. Don't take our work for it, view our student reviews for yourself!

The most successful Nebraska real estate professionals use VanEd.

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